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November 23, 2023 Bambini

The Enrolment Journey

A Step-by-Step Guide to Joining Our Melbourne Early Learning Centre.

Melbourne Early Learning Enrolment Guide
Embarking on the enrolment journey for an Early Learning Centre is a daunting and significant step for both parents and children, marking the beginning of an educational adventure that lays the foundation for a lifetime of growth and development. At Bambini, we recognise that it can be tricky for some to know where to start on this journey. That’s why we have put together a step-by-step guide, designed to make your family’s experience with Bambini extraordinary from the very first contact. From personalised tours to smooth enrolments and immersive orientations, we’re here to create a warm and welcoming space where your child can flourish.


Step 1 – Begin your Bambini Journey

Your journey begins with your initial engagement with our Support Office. You can get in contact with our friendly enrolments team directly via phone at 03 9699 3980 or you can fill out our online waitlist form by navigating to the “Enrol Now” section on our website or by following the URL . If you opt for an online start to your enrolment journey, you can expect a swift response, where our enrolments team will connect with you via email or phone, guiding you through essential information and facilitating a personalised tour booking.

Step 2 – Book a Tour & Join Our Waitlist

During your initial interaction with our enrolment team, you can join our waitlist to secure your place in the Bambini community. At the same time, you can schedule a tour of your preferred centre at a day and time that suits you. Touring our centres is much more than just a visit; it is a personalised experience that unveils a world where children are nurtured to learn, explore, and create. Our centres’ amazing staff work tirelessly to ensure that your first experience at Bambini is seamless and enjoyable. During the tour, you will notice their attention to detail as they provide insights into the learning spaces, programs and the overall environment of the centre. Be sure to take the time to absorb all the details about the Bambini childcare journey stages, learning programs, excursions, cultural celebrations and much more!

Step 3 – Enrolment

Following the tour, should the waitlisted dates you need become available, you will receive an official enrolment offer via email. This offer will include a link to the online enrolment form, which you must fill out with all the required information. This includes your child’s details and medical information, preferred dates and days for care, parent/guardian details, emergency contact information, Child Care Subsidy (CCS) information and childcare fees payment details. More information about the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available at

To secure your childcare spot, you must complete the online enrolment form, make a refundable bond payment per child, and pay a non-refundable administration fee per family. These fees will be charged using your nominated payment method in your enrolment form. The enrolment form and direct debit details must be finalised before your start date.

Once the online form is completed and both the bond and administration fees have been paid, the Centre Manager will contact you to formally confirm your child’s placement at Bambini and arrange the start of their exciting journey with us.

Step 4 – Orientation

Orientation is a crucial step that helps your child become acquainted with our centre and educators, building a sense of familiarity that will ease the transition into their new routine. We recommend participating in at least two orientation sessions. These sessions are offered free of charge, and we request that families stay on-site for the duration of each orientation.

During your orientation, we will introduce you to the Bambini Parent Communication App. This essential tool is our main channel for regular updates and communication with parents. Your Centre Manager will supply you with a link to download the app, allowing you to easily set up your account on the Bambini App.

Step 5 – First Day!!

After Orientation, your child will be all set for their first day at Bambini! To guarantee a seamless start, please ensure to pack the essentials: a hat (as per our “no hat, no outdoor play” policy), a drink bottle and any comfort item such as a security blanket, soft toy, or family photograph

Step 6 – Changes and Ending your Journey

Should you need to make any permanent adjustments to your booking or decide to terminate your enrolment, it’s necessary to inform your Centre Manager by providing a written notice. For comprehensive details on this process, please refer to our Fee Payment Terms and Conditions at

We aim to ensure you and your child embark on a seamless journey into a world filled with exploration, learning and creativity at Bambini. Should you have any more questions about this process, we warmly invite you to reach out to us at 03 9699 3800 or explore our website at for more information.

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